Cheating the family law: Marriage with the citizens of the Unites States 

Cheating the family law: Marriage with the citizens of the Unites States 

There is a great damage inflicted on the children of a divorced marriage and this is clear from the statistics that brings the rising divorce rate in Western society with him: “divorces lead to 3 of 4 suicides in teenagers and 4 of 5 psychiatric admissions among teenagers. Children of divorce are more likely to drop out of school, have premarital sex and become pregnant outside of marriage than children of intact families.

When it comes to young adults aged 18-22 years from divorced families, the chance is twice as high that they have a bad relationship with their parents and a high degree of emotional problems than in young adults intact families. 

Obtaining Your Green Card through Marriage to a U.S. Citizen

downloadIn response to this social catastrophe, various individuals and groups have begun to fight for the introduction of bills that will provide some sort of creation of the “covenant marriage”. As Louisiana (the second state up to date, where a “covenant marriage” has adopted) introduced its law, marriage expert Maggie Johnson said: “This will be a fascinating experiment. This is the first public retraction of the legal divorce after disruption principle at the point of the fault principle. “

Proponents say that the introductions of the “covenant marriage” makes divorce lawyers think only in their own interest – that is making money. They do not act as a representation of general interests.

A recent Canadian study called divorce laws, after the breakdown principle, “a disaster” and complained that it “would allow adults to steal at the expense of children.  Children each year through the divorce of their parents Parent are separated (The Ottawa Citizen, 1999). Professor Doug Gibbons of the NYU  said that Americas’ divorce rate had been increased increased six-fold in the 30 years after the introduction of divorce.

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