Family law firm – choose one for you 

Family law firm – choose one for you 

The divorce process is complex and requires skill when navigating through both the court and legal system. An experienced attorney can help address your questions and concerns and help you obtain the best resolution for you and your family. It is not impossible to go to the court by yourself, without any lawyer.

Technically it is,  but it is not recommended at all due to a lot of paperwork and legal terms that can be often confusing for an average man. Depending in which state you live, you can find various family law lawyers. These lawyers can be specialized in particular cases in the field of family law or they can acquire more knowledge and be capable of resolving different legal subjects.

For example, The Moorhead Law Group in Boulder, Colorado, provides honest and effective representation to clients facing divorce. This firm has dedicated family law attorney, who can help with every aspect of your divorce, including:

e1763c8bd5e921c17c10f318222c3bf6Dissolution of marriage

Property division, including high-asset divorces

Spousal maintenance/alimony

Child support

Child custody and parenting plans

Child advocacy

Same-sex divorce

Have in mind that every decision made during the divorce process is crucial, and many decisions cannot be modified once the court order is final. An experienced divorce lawyer can guide you through the process, helping you to correct mistakes and overlook matters before your dissolution of marriage is finalized by the court. This is maybe not important at first sight, but if you think twice – it completely makes sense. Enter on this link to read more.

Attorney Anne Marie Pignatiello has been practicing law since 1999, and she has the skill and knowledge to assist with even the most complex legal matters. She approaches every case with a calm demeanor, helping to diffuse emotional situations and work more efficiently toward the best solutions. She will make every effort to resolve your case out of court, but if that isn’t possible, she is a skilled litigator who is fully prepared to fight for you.

About Family Law Firm

You can contact them via email – you may do so using the form on our website. For your convenience, they offer flexible evening and weekend appointments.

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